Surprise Snail Mail!

I received a surprise package yesterday from my friend Christel! I love receiving post, especially surprise post, and her thoughtful gifts made my day! Christel kindly sent me some of the gorgeous Retro Rocket Rascals fabric she found a couple of weeks ago that has been out of print for ages and is really hard to find! She also sent me this amazing dinky little handmade heart hair slide. It’s so delicate & pretty, I love it! I think it was intended for my dolls but I will be wearing it too. ^_^

You can see more of Christel’s gorgeous handmade crafts at her blog A Small World Girl. Thanks again Christel! ❤


2 thoughts on “Surprise Snail Mail!

    1. Bethany Post author

      Yay! My first ever comment on this blog! Thanks Liz! I am poping over to have a look at yours now! (& find out how to ‘follow’ other blogs… other than subscribing to them?) xx


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