Strawberry Fair

I had a fun day at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge on Saturday! Strawberry Fair is a free volunteer run festival. The Fair takes place every year in the first week of June  on Midsummer Common. It has been running for over 30 years and began in 1974 as a town alternative to the Cambridge University May Balls.

I’ve attended the fair every year of my life, with the exception of 2010 when the fair was cancelled. It was back this year, and although people feared that the new security measures would change the atmosphere, I think that once you got inside the fair was as good as ever.

I made a new dress for the occasion using Tokyo Textiles Skulls & Hearts fabric! ♡

The sun was shining! Shades definitely needed!

QP doll love!

My little niece AJ had her face painted. I have a photo somewhere of myself at the fair at the same age with a sunset painted on my face. ^_^

It was a fun start to the summer!


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Fair

  1. Bethany Post author

    Thankyou! I made the qp ring a few years ago and forgot all about it! It’s great finding forgotten treasure at the bottom of your jewellery box. Your site looks great!


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