Dolly Day Out <3

Back on the 4th July, just before I headed off to Japan, I spent a lovely sunny day in London with some dolly friends. One of my favourite Japanese doll artists, Momolita, was in London and it was very cool to meet her after being a fan of her work and her pattern books for a very long time! We had a traditional English breakfast in a 1940s cafe, and then headed to the park where Momolita & Leo took photos for a DollyDolly magazine article. ^_^

I really love Middie Blythes, they are so cute! This is Leo’s girl in a *tiny* Poupée Méchanique outfit.

Awesome miniature pom pom shoes by Georgie Bee!

After the park we visited the V&A Museum of Childhood to see The Stuff of Nightmares exhibition. I really recommend seeing it before it closes in February!

Next we headed to Leo’s house to see his wonderful doll collection.

Vintage Japanese pose doll ❤

It was a lovely summer day spent with dolly friends! I can’t wait to see the DollyDolly article! ❤ Lots more photos of the day and the exhibition on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Dolly Day Out <3

  1. Paula

    It looks like you had such great day! Were any photos taken in the cafe for the DD article? It sounds lovely. I love Leo’s little blue haired pose doll, adorable, & Momolita is cute beyond words!

  2. Bethany Post author

    It was a nice day. ^_^ Momolita is just as cool as I imagined she’d be! Leo & Momo took lots of photos for DollyDolly, some in the cafe too I think, I’m not sure which ones will be in the article but I’m looking forward to it. ^_^

    Thanks so much for the comment Paula, it’s nice to get a comment on my blog! ❤


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