Tokyo July 2011 Day 3: Shibuya, Daikannyama & Shinjuku

Day 3 in Tokyo, Friday 15th July. We packed a lot in on this sweltering hot day in Tokyo!

We all met at the Hachikō statue in Shibuya. I first read about Hachikō in Ai Yazawa’s manga series ‘Nana’ and it was a very cool landmark to see. I met my lovely friend Lisa here too! The photo below was yoinked from her Facebook. ^_^

First things first, we crossed the famous Shibuya Hachikō crossing.

We went to the Blythe 10th Anniversary Exhibition “10 Happy Memories” at Parco Factory. It was really exciting for me since I have been collecting Blythe for almost 10 years myself. It was great that the exhibition was on when I was in Tokyo for the first time.

The exhibition was a complete retrospective of all 170 Neo Blythe dolls produced so far. It was incredible to see so many Blythe dolls in one place! It was great to visit the exhibition with Lisa as we totally geeked out and had detailed discussions about what we like about each doll and their outfit/accessories. I took lots of photos but the lighting was not great and my camera settings weren’t set correctly, but here are a few of the best ones.

Blythe dolls on spinning cakes in the entrance hall.

Doronjo Blythe – how I love her! Why do I always like the most expensive ones best?!

I really adore the 10th Anniversary Middie too, she’s top of my dolly wish list. She was displayed really beautifully!

So many Blythe dolls!!

There was a nice exhibition of custom dolls in the gift shop too.

I ♥ this custom Middie.

It was cool to see Team Sibley’s *gorgeous* Marabelle Melody and Tora Unpappa! If only my budget could have stretched to buying them!

After the exhibition we went for lunch in Shibuya.

Who said Japanese portions are small? Huge boxes of cold soba noodles come with chicken katsu & rice on the side! Nom!

We walked around Shibuya and did some shopping. I liked the second hand designer clothes shops & of course Tower Records.

Plastic Honey Toast (It’s basically a loaf of bread filled with ice cream, honey & fruit).

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released while we were in Tokyo.

Lisa took us to Daikannyama so that I could visit Junie Moon. One the way she showed us this lovely traditional tenugui shop.

Fuurin, little summer wind chimes made of glass.

Physalis Alkekengi. The Japanese lanterns seem to grow much bigger than the English ones.

I made it to Junie Moon! It felt like a pilgrimage on that extremely hot day! There was a lovely Cherry Merry Muffin exhibition on there & I bought a little Momolita bone necklace. I was offered a free post card by the cute shop assistant and it turned out to be the postcard book with my photo of Leeloo in. ^_^

There are so many cool bikes in Tokyo.

Back in Shibuya I spotted these two ladies in their summer yukatas.

Matcha frappuccino at Shibuya Starbucks. I’d been wanting to try this for years! It was good.

The view of Hachikō crossing from Starbucks. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of everyone crossing as I was told not to take photos, oops!

In the evening we headed to Shinjuku. I like how everyone queues so neatly for the train doors on the underground.

Aleister took us to a rooftop beer garden with a great view of the Shinjuku skyline. It’s a lot darker since the earthquake in March.

Here we met Natsuko! We had a little Tokyo dolly meet. So great to meet Blythe friends on the other side of the world! ♥ ♥

Natsuko’s beautiful redhead kenner.

Dolly friends ♥

Aleister & Maya with plenty of nama beeru! Whilst up on this 9th floor roof garden we experienced a small earthquake. O_O

Busker in Shinjuku

The world’s smallest Izakaya?

Shinjuku’s famous Izakaya Street.

Phew! We did a lot that day! I took so many photos. There are a few more in my Flickr album.


6 thoughts on “Tokyo July 2011 Day 3: Shibuya, Daikannyama & Shinjuku

  1. Paula

    The “10 Happy Memories” exhibition must have been brilliant! (Doronjo *sigh*), not to mention Junie Moon/the Cherry Cherry Muffin exhibition & meeting up with Lisa & Natsuko on the same day! Blythe/Dolly OD (in the best way!). You fitted so much in!!

    The tenugui shop is so pretty, love the fuurin! & the matcha frappuccino & chicken katsu – yum! The pictures of Jutt & (Lisa’s?) Rosey made me laugh, for some reason I could imagine Jutt & Rosey having a Blythe arm/chopstick battle over the table. :-p

    1. Bethany Post author

      It was a marvellous dolly day! It was really cool seeing all those Blythe dolls in one room, especially the rare ones like Doronjo! It was blythe doll heaven for me but a bit of dolly OD for the boys I think. They went watch shopping at Parco and drank beer in the roof garden though.

  2. Lisa Shinohara

    It was lovely to meet you, Jutt and Aleister! And I’m having alot of fun reading your blog too! Come back and visit soon!

    1. Bethany Post author

      I was told off by Starbucks staff and jutt was told not to take a video with his camera too. New rule? It did seem a bit odd as it’s such a great view! I took photos later from the train station. 🙂


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