Tokyo July 2011 Day 4: Nakano

Day 4 in Tokyo, Saturday 16th July. We had an evening out in Nakano. ^_^

Origami peace cranes at Nakano Broadway – an incredible shopping centre. More about this amazing place to come in another post.

Namco! A huge arcade. We played a few games and UFO machines here.

We stumbled across this old school  Video Game Bar in the side streets of Nakano and decided to check it out as we thought we’d probably never find it again if we looked! It turned out to be really awesome.

The walls are lined with Nintendo cartridges which you can play while you eat, drink & smoke (*cough*)


Mario beer mat

Mario pickles! These were yummy but I was a tiny bit disappointed that the gherkins weren’t mario shaped, hahah.

Handmade felt Mario on the wall

Vintage game cabinet


After walking around Nakano a bit more, Aleister & Maya took us to this incredibly cute machine restaurant. You order your meal from a vending machine! (It’s served by waitresses though, the food doesn’t come from the machine).

I *loved* the 1950’s inspired décor. One day I will have a kitchen that looks like this! They were also playing rock’n’roll music.

I tried Omuraisu. Savoury rice inside an omelette. Nom!

My dress matched the curtains & lampshade, hah!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo July 2011 Day 4: Nakano

    1. Bethany Post author

      It’s worth a visit! If I remember rightly, I think if you walk in the entrance of Nakano Broadway and along the ground floor until you get to the break in the middle with a street either side and turn right, that road has the game bar and the 50s machine cafe. I *think*!


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