My re-vamped Kagobagu (Japanese straw handbag)

Straw handbags (“kagobagu” in Japanese) were *everywhere* in Tokyo this summer. reported on the Tokyo summer fashion trend back in July and their post gives you an idea of the range of styles & designs these bags come in. While I was in Tokyo in July I picked up a couple of beaten up basket bags from a second hand shop for just ¥200 each. I love a good bargain so I decided to re-vamp them when I got home.

I really liked the shape of this one and it has some handy pockets on the inside, but I wasn’t so keen on the silver straps. I removed the straps (with the help of some needle nose pliers!) and re-decorated the bag.

I used a tiny piece of black & white gingham fabric (about 30cm or so) and some gorgeous Japanese polka dot lace and embroidered strawberry trim. I managed to re-use the original handles by covering them in fabric, and I also re-used the original magnetic snap closure.

I put my cute Rilakkuma ichigo dangle on the bag too. ♡

The most awesome kagubagu I saw in Tokyo was probably this nautical one, in a second hand designer clothes shop in Shibuya:

I got another smaller & rounder second hand basket bag that I am going to customise so maybe I will attempt a nautical style for that one. It’s feeling more like Autumn in the UK already though so I may have to wait for Spring before I can use these!


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