Tokyo July 2011 Day 5: Ghibli Museum Mitaka, Inokashira Koen & Shimokitazawa

Day 5 in Tokyo, Sunday 17th July. I had been looking forward to this day for a long long time – we had tickets to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka!

The Ghibli Museum is a really magical place. No photography is allowed inside which is probably for the best as you can just relax and enjoy the amazing exhibits. The whole place is just so beautiful, with wonderful buildings and stained glass window designs featuring Ghibli characters. All the rooms and exhibitions were amazing, but the highlight for me was the special exhibition ‘The View from the Cat Bus’. I knew there was a cat bus for kids to play on, but this exhibition features a cat bus large enough for adults to get inside too! Imagine sitting inside on furry seats surrounded by furry floors and ceilings and looking out on the landscapes from the film Totoro. It was truly incredible! The short film while we were there was called ‘Treasure Hunting’ and it was lovely.

After looking around all of the incredible rooms we made our way up a tiny spiral staircase, up to the roof of the Ghibli Museum to see the famous Laputa Robot!

Roboto-chan is huuuge! It was so great to see him in person!

Laputa cube

It was a really hot sunny day!

The spiral staircase leading up to the roof garden.

With Totoro after a trip to the gift shop!

I loved all the details. ^_^

After our trip to the Ghibli Museum we went for a walk around neighbouring Inokashira Koen. Cicadas were buzzing all around and there were huge butterflies on the flowers.

Whilst walking around the park we took a look at the Benzaiten temple. Benzaiten is the goddess of knowledge, music and arts.

Stone dragon with water scoops for cleansing.

Wooden Prayer tablets. This one was so sweet! ♡

It was so sunny that there were rainbows in the fountains. ^_^

We had a delicious Thai curry at this cute forest cafe.

In the evening we headed to Shimokitazawa where my brother lives.

Shimokitazawa is a really cool area, a bit like Koenji, with lots of great vintage clothes shops, record shops and nice places to eat and drink.

We tried a late night snack of nikumaki onigiri – a rice ball wrapped with thinly sliced meat and covered in melted cheese. I think this is the Japanese equivalent of a kebab?! The little shop selling them plays a cute song about nikumaki too! ^_~

What a lovely summer day spent in Tokyo. Lots more photos in my Flickr album as always. More soon!


4 thoughts on “Tokyo July 2011 Day 5: Ghibli Museum Mitaka, Inokashira Koen & Shimokitazawa

  1. Paula

    The Ghibli Museum always looks brilliant, & you picked such a beautiful sunny day to go to it & Benzaiten temple, I bet it was amazing. The cat bus exhibition sounds fantastic & totally perfect! Sounds like a great day!


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