Tokyo July 2011 Day 6: Tokyo Birthday Part 1! Harajuku

Day 6 in Tokyo, Monday 18th July. My 29th Birthday!

After enjoying a traditional Japanese breakfast, I spent my birthday shopping in Harajuku! My birthday fell on a national holiday, Umi no Hi (Marine Day), when many of the shops have sales & special offers. It was very hot & busy in Harajuku that day!

Takeshita Dori!

As you can imagine there are many, many *amazing* clothes shops in Harajuku, from shops full of lolita dresses to a vintage Vivienne Westwood shop. I must confess though that in the home of alternative fashion in Japan, the most fun shopping experience for me was Daiso – the ¥100 shop (‘hyaku en shop’). Five floors of super cute stationary,  kitchenware and other awesome stuff for only ¥100 each. Aleister treated me to a huge bag of goodies for my birthday!


Angry broom is Angry!

My huge bag of shopping!

Condomania! They sell nothing but Condoms. They even have Rilakkuma condoms!

Next we went to Kiddy Land, home of cute characters & toys. They have so much good stuff…. Ghibli products, Blythe dolls, Miffy headphones (I got some!), Licca dolls, Rubik’s cubes & more Hello Kitty stuff than you can shake a stick at!

I tried my luck on a Sanrio gachapon machine in the hope that I might get a Patty (of Patty & Jimmy fame) toy… believe it or not even though there were about 10 possible characters in the machine, I got Patty!

In the evening we headed to the Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Ginza. It is an amazing place and it deserves it’s own blog post! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Tokyo July 2011 Day 6: Tokyo Birthday Part 1! Harajuku

  1. Paula

    MIFFY HEADPHONES!?!?! eeeeee! (have you seen the Miffy MP3 player/docking station/speaker? so cool!)

    Harajuku/Kiddly Land/Daiso = perfect birthday shopping! those brooms are classic & I’m dying over the rainbow made of balloons, too cute! Yay for getting Patty!

    1. Bethany Post author

      No, I haven’t seen the Miffy docking station!! Eee! *googles* I wanted to get some cute headphones while I was there and it had to be the Miffy ones! I haven’t actually taken them out of the box yet though as they look too cute, lol. I’d love to buy a miffy phone cover to go with them if such a thing exists!

      Thanks for reading! xx

      1. Paula

        I have seen some Miffy phone covers (they’re really cute!), but I can’t remember what phone they were for. The docking station, etc, are great aren’t they! *wants*


      2. Bethany Post author

        The docking station is super cute! Most of the Miffy phone cases I saw online were for iphone but after a bit of googling I did find a nice leather one for the HTC. I have got a decent case atm but maybe one day…

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