Tokyo July 2011 Day 6: Tokyo Birthday Part 2! Alice in Wonderland Restaurant, Ginza

Day 6 in Tokyo, Monday 18th July. My 29th Birthday! As a special birthday treat we went for dinner at the Fantasy Dining Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Ginza.

This magical restaurant is hidden away on the 5th floor of a skyscraper and it was quite a challenge to find! As you step out of the lift you arrive in Wonderland. In a tiny waiting room surrounded by velvet curtains we were greeted by a beautiful woman dressed as the Mad Hatter who showed us through corridors lined with pages of Lewis Carol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (complete with illustrations) to our table in a Mad Hatter themed booth with a wonderful lampshade made from hats!

The menu arrived in the form of a cube, which opened up to reveal a miniature scene with a ticking clock and playing cards. ^_^

When we rang this tiny gold bell on the table, a waitress dressed as Alice arrived to take our order.

The drinks menu!

‘Eat Me’ bread rolls and heart-shaped butter ♡

Card suits chopsticks

Alice coaster

Cocktails with fresh fruit, decorated with flowers (a snap dragon & a red rose!)

We ordered a set meal with several courses, starting with the White Rabbit salad.

Chilled soup

Playing Card Pizza

The giant lamp, teacup and playing cards make you feel as though you are miniature!

Queen of Hearts Pasta

The teacup is particularly awesome!

Cheshire Cat chicken & broccoli

To my surprise, the adorable Alice waitress appeared with a birthday cake for me! They gave me an Alice band to wear, and presented Justin with a top hat, and they said something in Japanese which I think meant ‘now you become Alice’. They sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me! It was really wonderful, I was so touched! ♡ ♡

Thank you so much to my brother Aleister who arranged the birthday surprise and ordered this Cheshire Cat birthday cake for me over the phone in Japanese! Very impressive communication skills (even if they did add an extra letter to my name ^_~)! I was overwhelmed! ♡

Our cute lolita Alice waitress ♡

The final course of our set meal, Mad Hatter deserts!

It was funny, after my birthday cake arrived, the waitresses went around almost every group in the restaurant singing happy birthday to someone at each table! It’s obviously a popular birthday venue, but it’s also quite nice to be celebrating alongside lots of people all born on the same day. ^_^

Hats lampshade in our booth

Pom pom lampshade in the neighbouring booth

Playing card booth

There were numerous hidden party rooms of different sizes, I would love to have a good look around the whole place, it’s really amazing. This months KERA magazine features a lolita fashion spread shot in the restaurant.

I had a really wonderful birthday in Tokyo! As we left the restaurant the Mad Hatter gave us a low bow. It was a truly magical and memorable experience, I totally recommend it to fans of Alice. ♡


9 thoughts on “Tokyo July 2011 Day 6: Tokyo Birthday Part 2! Alice in Wonderland Restaurant, Ginza

  1. Paula

    I’m so glad you made it there & found it! an Alice Birthday meal in Japan is perfect for you!
    It looks like such a fun place, I can see why a lot of people go there for birthdays! I love the cards floating above & the giant teacup! I hope the food was nice? Snap Dragon cocktail! ♥

    1. Bethany Post author

      Thanks Paula! I expected a street level restaurant with a big Alice themed shop front, but it’s hidden away on the 5th floor with only a tiny sign so it was hard to find from the street even with googlemaps! I’m so glad we made it too. ^_^ The food was nice, I think Italian style food is really trendy in Japan, although for us it’s not as exciting as Japanese food, but it was yummy! It was was was probably the most expensive meal we had in Tokyo, but it was about the same price as a 3 course meal & drinks in Wagamama which isn’t too bad considering the lovely décor & cool experience. ^_^

  2. Chelsie

    I saw an article about this somewhere else, but where is it in Tokyo? Do you know the address? It looks so cool! I love Alice in Wonderland.

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