Tokyo July 2011 Day 7: Nakano Broadway

Day 7 in Tokyo, Tuesday 19th July. This was the only day of our trip that it poured with rain. What better to do on a rainy day than wander around Nakano Broadway shopping centre?

Peace crane display at Nakano Broadway.

The Nakano Broadway Website says:

Whatever your hobbies, Nakano Broadway will not disappoint. You’ll find a specialized store for animations, comics, figures, costumes for anime characters, a vintage clock shop, a clothing store with military look clothes, a used record shop, a shop with old movie posters and much more. Shops selling huge ice creams and fortune tellers welcome couples on dates. Anyway, Nakano Broadway will offer you the chance to experience all kinds of Japanese hobby culture. You could easily spend all day exploring the fascinating shops. You will surely find something distinctly Japanese, and deepen your understanding of Japanese hobby culture on each visit.

It’s true, Nakano Broadway is total Otaku heaven. Some of my favourite shops were the antique toy shop where Jutt and I were *extremely* tempted to blow all our holiday savings on one toy robot (we didn’t), and a cosplay shop full of cute dresses run by a girl who had a sewing machine set up in the shop and was making the costumes right there. We both got to geek out – Jutt bought vintage computer games and rubik’s cubes and I looked at the numerous incredible doll shops!

Most of the shops don’t allow photography but I took this snap before I realised that. There are some really amazing vintage doll shops. Just imagine being able to buy a Kenner Blythe or an Emerald Witch off the shelf, none of that nerve racking bidding on eBay!

I looked around the whole of Nakano Broadway at all the amazing dolls, toys and antiques… and the one thing I bought was this tiny vintage clown doll. So kawaii! ♥


2 thoughts on “Tokyo July 2011 Day 7: Nakano Broadway

  1. Paula

    The peace crane display is beautiful! I’m glad you both had fun at Nakano Broadway, the little clown doll you found is so sweet!

    1. Bethany Post author

      Thanks P, the peace cranes were really nice, they were made for the victims of the tsunami. There were lots of nice vintage pose dolls I saw! The little clown was too cute to resist.


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