Tokyo July 2011 Day 9: Retro Gaming in Akihabara

Day 9 in Tokyo, Thursday 21st July. We headed to Akihabara (Electric Town) to check out the arcades and retro game shops.

Sega Arcade

Jutt ‘avin a fag in the Taito arcade

I played some Tekken 6 online and kicked some random persons ass. It’s the only computer game I am any good at!!

Thanks to a recommendation from Laura we headed to Super Potato! (All those hours spent listening to Jpod101 Survival Skills paid off when I was able to ask the smallest cutest maid in Akihabara the way to Super Potato and understand her directions)! Super Potato is a retro game shop with 3 floors of vintage games and arcades!

Nintendo Cartridge throne

An actual Mario Kart

Playing a spot of Mario

Akihabara is full of cosplay shops and toy shops too. ^_^ I hope to go back one day and see more of it!

Like many of our days out in Tokyo, Day 9 was followed by a night out in Koenji. We enjoyed a 100 yen nama biiru with Aleister. We misunderstood this sign and thought all the beer was 100 yen… but no, only the first one was!

This was gooood. ^_^


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