Last Gang in Town Halloween Party 2011

I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend! Mine was exceptional! No one does Halloween quite like Last Gang in Town. We had circus sideshow performances, rockin’ DJs, drinks promotions, Halloween cupcakes, spooky décor, and a fiendish fancy dress competition. I love that everyone put so much effort in to their costumes. The headline band  The Rocker Covers played Rockabilly versions of contemporary hits, from Lady Gaga to The Beastie Boys! They were awesome! Here are a few photos from the night.

My Zombie Geisha costume. It was fun doing the make up!

Jutt’s terrifying un-zipped face!

Cuddly bunny rabbit Snix!

Lovely Alexa & Corinne ♥

Double zip-face!

Kelly’s terrifying Chav outfit!! Love it!

Zombie Nurse Laura!

Gemma & Helena ♥

My Levellers inspired Pumpkin

Micro cupcakes by Kat, with tiny bat sprinkles!

Spooky cupcakes by Alexa!

What a lovely couple haha!

The Corpse Bride – she looked wonderful!

The Corpse Bride’s maggot!

Fiona as Lady Gaga!

Patty and Selma Bouvier

Who gave Beccy a hacksaw?!

The Rocker Covers were *amazing*!!

What an epic night! I feel lucky to know so many awesome creative people! Best Halloween party ever!! ♥ xx


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