February Sewing Projects

We’ve settled in to our new place now and mostly unpacked. This month I’ve been preparing for the launch of my new clothing line. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to share some photos! Until then, here are some sewing projects I’ve been working on this month.

My friend Rob commissioned me to make a dress for his daughter Chloe, from a 1990-1991 New Model Army tour T-shirt! Taking a pair of scissors to this precious shirt was quite nerve wracking!

Vintage heart-shaped buttons ❤

I think Chloe approves!  ^_^

I did a bit of nautical upholstery! This little pouffe was given to us in a well loved state, having been re-covered numerous times. I covered it in French  ticking & anchors!

I took inspiration for the stitching detail from this patchwork pouffe! ❤

Jutt turned 30 this month, & grew a beard to prove it!

I made him this Space Invader quilt. Pixel art makes awesome patchwork!

Serious birthday beer!


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