‘Love Jacket’ Sewing Workshop with Momolita

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a sewing workshop in London run by the fabulous Japanese doll artist Momolita. I have been a fan of her work for many years and I learned a lot about garment construction by using her Licca pattern books. It was fantastic to get some sewing tips from her in person!

During the workshop we learned how to make Momolita’s miniature version of Vivienne Westwood’s iconic Love Jacket. Tailoring this tiny is challenging to say the least! It was a fantastic learning experience.

Everybody working hard!

Tiny silk pins!

Momoko & Linda

Sushi break


I enjoyed using Momolita’s Japanese JUKI sewing maching. It was so gentle and quiet! Perfect for sewing tiny garments.

The jacket was quite challenging and none of us quite managed to finish it that day! We all took them home to do the finishing touches. I had a really great day, it was lovely to see doll friends old & new. I really feel I learned a lot!

My finished Love Jacket. ♥ It’s a bit uneven to say the least but I had fun making it! ^_^


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