Turning 30

Tomorrow is my 30th Birthday. ^_^ I can’t believe it’s been a year since I turned 29 in the Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Tokyo! No cocktails for me this year – I’m happy to share the news that Jutt & I are expecting a baby! Little one is due in December 2012.

The bump is growing!

I’ve also just moved house for the second time this year. The new place is lovely, I’m still busy unpacking & making curtains! I think we’ll be very happy here. It’s a little Victorian terrace with a small garden, and I’ll have a sewing studio in a shed at the bottom of the garden. I will share some photos once I’ve set it all up!

This year I’ve also started teaching sewing classes. These are samples I made for my ‘Make a Tote Bag’ class. I’ve also taught a dressmaking workshop. It’s good fun!

I spent my 20s being as creative as possible! I got my Fine Art Degree, I taught myself to sew, I started & ran my own handmade businesses, I took on varied commissions, did craft shows and taught workshops. I travelled as much as possible and made an epic adventure to Tokyo last year! I also got engaged, and went to as many gigs, festivals & burlesque nights as possible… to quote this brilliant Offbeat Mama article, “When it’s time for my midlife crisis, it will not include pining over not attending enough loud parties or not having enough fun in my youth. I banged the fuck out of my youth.”

Bring on turning 30 and becoming a Mummy! I can’t wait. ^_^


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