The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

To celebrate my 30th Birthday in July I visited the The Warner Brother Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. It was simply amazing!!! (I suggest opening this website in another tab and listening to the music while you read this post!) Nothing can compare to actually seeing it all in person, but if you’re planning to visit the studio tour yourself, I guess this post contains spoilers. Tickets are hard to get so if you have a particular date in mind book early! I was only able to get tickets for my birthday by stalking the website for cancellations!

I took so many photos, you can see the full set in my Harry Potter Studio Tour Flickr set. These are some of my favourites.

The WB Studio is in Watford. A special Harry Potter themed bus runs from the tube station to the studio!

On entering the tour, you step in to the Great Hall. It was really wonderful!

Lots of props and costumes from the films are displayed. I loved seeing this amazing dress, worn by the Ravenclaw ghost, The Grey Lady.

Lots of wonderful drawings and macaques are displayed too, this is a small model of the Great Hall.

In the next exhibition room, props, sets and costumes from the films are displayed. This beautiful display is from the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire.

Stunning embroidered silk gown as worn by Cho Chang at the Yule Ball.

Incredible chocolate phoenix!

Alan Rickman’s wig. I squeed.

Of course my favourite thing was seeing lots of the costumes up close – it was really cool to see the paper patterns and milliners block which were used to make the Beauxbatons WItches outfits.

Dumbledore’s office was pretty incredible! This cabinet is full of vials of memories. The attention to detail is utterly stunning! Most of these tiny details weren’t even visible in the film. Everything is dusty and aged and looks really authentic.

The lost Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw. All the horcruxes were conveniently gathered together in a case.

Bellatrix Lestrange. All the female death eaters seem to have great hair.

Door to the Chamber of Secrets

The Potions Dungeon was one of my favourite sets. Amazing attention to detail again – there were even different editions of ‘Advanced Potion Making’ with different covers. The Half Blood Prince is my favourite of the books so I love details like this!

Next, you step in to an outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy a butterbeer and see some more props and sets.

Loved the triple decker knight bus.

It was really cool to see all the prosthetics and animatronics they used. Here are some Gringots Goblins!

Then came possibly the most exciting part of the tour, walking down Diagon Alley.

I want these scissors to hang in my studio!

Finally, the most breathtaking end to the tour. The handcrafted Hogwarts Castle model, which is almost 50 feet in diameter. As we walked in to the room the crowd literally gasped!

The lighting in the room has a day to night cycle, and tiny lights come on in the castle windows as it gets dark.

More incredible details!

Finally the film credits – the names of everyone who worked on the film are displayed on wand boxes. ^_^

Of course the gift shop is *amazing* too – you can buy everything from wands, robes, chocolate frogs, every flavour beans, owl puppets and broomsticks to time turners and horcruxes. It was really expensive though, I wish they had gone for a few cheaper versions of things like the jewellery rather than solid gold snitch necklaces! I did get treated to a chocolate frog and the hologram card inside was very cool! Although sadly for me I got pure blood fascist Slytherin! Hahah.

I had a great tour, I really recommend seeing this if you are a fan of Harry Potter or of film making in general, it’s right on our doorstep at the moment and really wonderful to see!


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