I’ve been having fun lately working on some DIY & sewing projects for my nursery. ^_^

This is baby’s room so far. I went for fresh bright rainbow colours to brighten up the room, since we can’t paint the walls.

I got some pretty sample pots of Crown Vintage paint and revamped this old chest of drawers that I got from the Hope Street Yard years ago when moved in to my first flat. I had been planning to repaint them and change the handles but it was a project I never got ’round to until now.

Each handle has a different design. ❤

I raided my stash and made some rainbow coloured bunting to decorate the room. I’ve used all sorts of scraps up and included lots of fabrics donated to me last summer by my friend Paula. ^_^

Some vintage toys & books I’ve been hoarding for years have finally found a home too. ❤

Baby’s shoe collection so far! These were all gifts from friends & family. ❤

Cute changing bag from my friend Lou! Thank you! ❤

Baby has been given some beautiful clothes by her Granny too. My favourite so far is this absolutely gorgeous dress by Catimini. ❤ My next project will be making some baby sized dresses. ^_^


17 thoughts on “Nesting!

    1. Bethany Post author

      Thank you! Your blog is lovely – you’ve made so many cute things for your kids! I am really enjoying it so far, it’s very satisfying. I expect it will be even more fun when baby is born! (If I have time to sew that is!) ❤

  1. The Girl

    Ummmm… strange that i wish there was an adult version of that room and those clothes for myself?? Or maybe that nursery just makes me wish i was a baby all over again lol Adorable!!

  2. mancunianvintage

    What a lovely nursery! Love the re-vamped chest of drawers, just perfect for stashing all those bits n bobs, and great colours.

    I know babies are small – but look how tiny those clothes are – eeek!

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