Package from Japan

I always look forward to receiving packages from my brother in Japan. This summer he’s also been to China & Nepal and he has been picking up cute baby stuff for us on his travels!

Package full of goodies! The lollies are actually soaps and they made the whole package smell amazing. ^_^

I asked Aleister to look out for cute Totoro baby clothes in Tokyo. Of course he found these adorable Totoro hat, bib & booties, and a very cute Neko bus hat! (=^_^=)

Incredibly cute dragon boots from China for my Year of the Dragon baby. ^_^ I love the bells on the toes!

Crazy pink cat shoes from Nepal! These are hand felted and really beautifully made!

Chinese Fu Dog plushie. ^_^ He’s incredibly cute with metallic gold paws & ears!

Grave of the Fireflies drops (T_T)

Gorgeous Japanese silk pin cushion, I love it. ^_^ Thanks Aleister!


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