BlytheCon UK preparations!

Yay, it’s October! I love this time of year. ^_^ I am looking forward to the new series of Red Dwarf (starting tomorrow!), Halloween, and most of all BlytheCon UK! ♥ I’ve been stitching away for the past few weeks getting ready for my Dolly Mixture stall!

My studio/shed roof has turned red! This is where I’ve spent the past few weeks making dolly dresses. Here’s a sneaky peek at what I’ve been making…

6 London Underground dresses! 3 Central Line and 3 Northern Line versions. I’ve also made 2 in Middie Blythe size.

5 Circus Princess dresses, Autumn version. ^_^ These took forever to make!

I make Neko dresses for my BlytheCon stall in different colours each year! New Red & Black version for 2012. Only 2 of these available!

25 Blythe & Middie Blythe dresses are all packaged & ready to go! I had fun making the packaging this year too. ^_^ I’ve got lots of new designs I haven’t had a chance to photograph, so please stop by my stall and take a look! Just look for the table with the pregnant lady!

This photo was taken at 26 weeks, I’m 29 weeks pregnant now so my belly is a little bit rounder. ^_^

See you in Manchester! I can’t wait!


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