Poppy’s Teepee Play Tent


Poppy loves making dens and hiding under blankets and I had been wanting to make her a play tent for a while. She is now 18 months old so her half-birthday and the warm summer weather seemed like a good excuse to give it a go! Safe to say Poppy *loves* her new play Teepee.


teepee07   teepee06   teepee01   teepee02   teepee03

It was so fun to make and Poppy loves it so I decided to go for it and add it to my shop as a made to order item. You choose the door fabric & applique lettering or design.

The Teepee comes without the poles to make it easier and cheaper to post, the poles can be purchased from most DIY shops. If any local friends are interested and can collect in person I can include the poles , just let me know. 🙂

Perfect for teddy bears tea parties, reading stories, hide and seek and more. The teepee can be used indoors or outside in dry weather. Poppy has been having fun playing peepo with the curtains! I’m looking forward to many fun times with this tent. What a fun project. 🙂


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