BlytheCon UK Doll Project

I’m reallllly excited about BlytheCon UK this year as it is being held in London for the second time, and it will be the first time I have attended since BCUK Manchester in 2012, when I was heavily pregnant! I won’t be trading this year but I will have some BCUK exclusive MforMonkey collaboration purses on Mary MforMonkey‘s table, and I have been part of one of the five design teams for the BlytheCon UK Doll Project!

This year’s BCUK raffle will raise money for two fantastic charities; Eaves and Young Minds. Five teams of Blythe customisers and designers have created five very special dolls for the raffle. I had great fun with my team and our chosen theme, Circus Alice. Sandra Mónica Vale Efigénio created our beautiful custom doll, Hilary/MoshiMoshi who made the incredible Mad Hatter’s outfit, and Karin/Fishknees who created the stunning White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts Tightrope Walker outfit. I made the Alice runs away with the circus dress set. ❤ I am amazed how wonderful all the different outfits look on our lovely doll. ❤

ca2 ca3 ca4 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7095 IMG_7096 IMG_7097 IMG_7098 IMG_7099 IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7104

I hope you like her too! I have seen some sneak peeks of the other teams creations too and I will certainly be buying a lot of raffle tickets! ^_^

I am now offering made-to-order Dolly Mixture dresses in my Dolly Mixture Etsy shop too! ❤


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