Bethany Éowyn Kelman – Designer Maker

Hello! I am a Designer Maker based in Cambridge, UK. I am a Mum to baby Poppy and I work from home in my little studio at the bottom of our garden!

In my shop you will find unusual clothing, accessories and home wear. I *love* sewing and I enjoy searching for unusual materials and vintage treasures that have been stashed away for years. I especially love Japanese fabric and trim and I was lucky enough to take a trip to Tokyo to stock up on fabric a couple of years ago! My designs are inspired by Japan, vintage and rockabilly style, fairy tales and of course my beautiful daughter Poppy. ❤


I graduated from the Cambridge School of Art BA (Hons) Fine Art course with first-class honours. During my degree I specialised in Fibre Arts and made sculptural dresses from unusual materials. I love to sew and I have always made and customised my own clothing. After graduation I decided to embrace my inner seamstress!

In January 2008 I started my first clothing label Jezebelles Boutique selling handmade clothing and accessories. I offered a custom dressmaking service, making bespoke clothing for happy customers all over the world. My designs were stocked by a variety of shops in the UK, Italy and the United States. I made several custom wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses, as well as outfits for performers.

These days I enjoy working on my own designs and stocking up my Etsy shop. ❤

I collect Blythe dolls and other Japanese fashion dolls and I am proud to have been part of the Blythe doll community for many years now! I make and sell miniature doll clothing too through my Etsy shop Dolly Mixture.

This blog is a place for me to share my creative projects, adventures and inspiration.


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