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BlytheCon UK Doll Project

I’m reallllly excited about BlytheCon UK this year as it is being held in London for the second time, and it will be the first time I have attended since BCUK Manchester in 2012, when I was heavily pregnant! I won’t be trading this year but I will have some BCUK exclusive MforMonkey collaboration purses on Mary MforMonkey‘s table, and I have been part of one of the five design teams for the BlytheCon UK Doll Project!

This year’s BCUK raffle will raise money for two fantastic charities; Eaves and Young Minds. Five teams of Blythe customisers and designers have created five very special dolls for the raffle. I had great fun with my team and our chosen theme, Circus Alice. Sandra Mónica Vale Efigénio created our beautiful custom doll, Hilary/MoshiMoshi who made the incredible Mad Hatter’s outfit, and Karin/Fishknees who created the stunning White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts Tightrope Walker outfit. I made the Alice runs away with the circus dress set. ❤ I am amazed how wonderful all the different outfits look on our lovely doll. ❤

ca2 ca3 ca4 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7095 IMG_7096 IMG_7097 IMG_7098 IMG_7099 IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7104

I hope you like her too! I have seen some sneak peeks of the other teams creations too and I will certainly be buying a lot of raffle tickets! ^_^

I am now offering made-to-order Dolly Mixture dresses in my Dolly Mixture Etsy shop too! ❤


Camille MforMonkey Collaboration Purses

I have been working on a fun project in collaboration with the very talented MforMonkey … Camille purses! Camille is a little girl that lives in a forest and loves nature. You can see more of MforMonkey’s work and find out more about Camille at

All sold out this time, thanks everyone! I will be adding more to my shop soon









Summer Celebrations


I celebrated my birthday this month and I thought I would share some of the treasures I received, starting with this sweet Rilakkuma Re-Ment birthday cake from Tokyo. ❤


I was also given a Clover mini iron which I’ve been coveting for years! I can’t wait to try it. This beautiful pincushion was handmade for me by a friend. ❤


Adorable Miffy Kokeshi all the way from Tokyo. ❤

IMGP6259 IMGP6263Miffy is now living on my dresser along with my Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Dany. ^_^ Totally obsessed with GoT at the moment!


Delicious Umeshu plum wine from Tokyo. Very refreshing mixed with soda water & enjoyed with Matcha cookies. 


Cuuuuuuuute ❤


Poppy got some presents too, a cool Japanese alphabet jigsaw puzzle.


Dinky Japanese shoes!


I’m feeling lucky indeed. ❤

Summer Time

Hello! I seem to be able to manage one blog post per season at the moment! This is my summer post. ^_~


I’ve been enjoying the summer so far! Back in July I celebrated my birthday with a new sewing machine! Baby Poppy is keeping me really busy, but I have been able to spend a few blissful days and a lot of evenings sewing. One of the first things I made was a summer dress for Poppy, from sparkly goldfish fabric I bought on a very hot day in Tokyo, it seems like a long time ago now!



I think Poppy likes it. ^_^ She’s 7 and a half months old now and she’s getting so strong and clever! She amazes me every day with all the new things she can do. This summer has been all about picnics and parks! We put quilts down on the grass and let Poppy play.




I like the kimono style crossover bodice so much that I made another baby dress which is available to buy in my Etsy shop. This one is made from Japanese fabric with a traditional floral print. The dress is trimmed with Japanese lace. This one is made to fit a 12-18 month old. Let me know what you think of this style. ^_^


I’ve also been making lots of Blythe doll dresses and my Dolly Mixture Etsy shop is well stocked at the moment! I’ve been experimenting with applique, top stitching and printing my own fabric. ❤






I’ve got a few more projects planned for the rest of August. Next up are some Totoro applique cushion covers which should be in my shop very soon. ^_^


That’s all for now! I’m sure I’ll update again in Autumn! ❤ xxx

Hello Spring…


… what a Winter it’s been!

My beautiful daughter Poppy is 5 months old already! She’s amazing and being a Mummy is really wonderful.



Here she is in her adorable Totoro hat crocheted by her talented Grannie, in her snuggie wrap which I love carrying her in. ^_^ Maybe one day soon I will get round to writing a post about her amazing birth story and a little bit more about being a new mum. Poppy’s room (which I blogged about last year) was featured on the UK blog Here Comes Baby, it was lovely to see her room alongside all the beautiful nurseries featured on the blog!

Poppy has been keeping me busy, but as she’s getting older I am slowly but surely getting time to sew and make again. I thought it was time to share the things I’ve been working on.









I’ve been making lots of Dolly Mixture Blythe doll dresses! I have a Dolly Mixture Facebook page now where I share my new dresses as soon as they’re available in my Dolly Mixture Etsy shop. ♥ I’ve been having lots of fun making them & I can work on them in the evenings while baby girl is sleeping as they are mostly hand stitched. Thanks to all my lovely customers for the sales & support! ^_^


I’ve also added some of my handmade accessories to the Tokyo Textiles shop, including my Kewpie doll hair bows which were really popular at BlytheCon UK, and my kimono silk wristband pincushions. ♥



We’ve been in our house for almost a year now and the garden has bought beautiful surprises each season, including this gorgeous pink blossom on the tree in front of the house. ^_^

That’s it from me, just enjoying mummy life and the occasional bit of spring sunshine here in the UK! Hope to have more handmade goodies to share soon. xx

BlytheCon UK 2012 Manchester

I had a great time at BlytheCon UK in Manchester this weekend! It was a fantastic event, the organisers did an amazing job! It was great to see friends old & new. I always feel really inspired after BCUK each year! Thanks so much to everyone who visited my stall! It was cool to meet so many lovely people & see so many gorgeous dolls! I was very very tired after traveling all the way to Manchester (at 29 weeks pregnant!) and didn’t take that many photos this year so I’ve borrowed a few from my Flickr contacts along with a few photos I took myself. ^_^


My Dolly Mixture stall! Photo taken by the lovely Laura/Liquiriziadolly just before the doors opened. Massive thanks to my bf & helper Jutt who carried my suitcases, navigated & served a few customers for me too. ^_^


My Circus Princess dresses made especially for BCUK sold out!


One of the coolest Blythe dolls I saw at the con, this amazing anatomical model Blythe on the Dutch Blythe Fashion stall. I got to chat to the maker of the doll and he showed me some photos of the making process. She is really amazingly detailed! I love the skull in particular.


Gorgeous miniature Alexander McQueen dress made by the talented Leo Couture.

BCUK12 Manchester

Another of my favourite dolls at the Zebra Blythes stall. I didn’t take a photo of her, this one is borrowed from PinkyJane. ^_^

BCUK 2012

One of my Circus Princess dresses on it’s new owner – the pom poms matched the dolls hair perfectly!


Lounging Linda‘s gorgeous stall! We shared a table. ^_^


Leo’s wonderful Poupée mécanique stall



I love the wind up monkey toy!


Alexis Emerald ♥


It was really great to see Momolita again! ♥


Flamingodress by Momolita.

Momolita’s amazing stall, the flamingo & crow dresses were so gorgeous ♥


Loved the decorations in the venue – all the balloons matched the BCUK illustration. The free goodie bags were awesome too!


Yummy birthday cupcakes!


I had such a great day! Photo by Lounging Linda.


My BCUK loot! I was very restrained this year and managed to resist all the beautiful outfits & dolls on offer as I need to save money for baby things! My modest purchased were a very cute tape measure hair bow (for me!) from Millie Made and some tiny Japanese buttons and snaps (for future creations!) from Leonidas. I also did a trade with the lovely Liz/Woollyrockers for one of her awesome Blythe carry cases and two cute little knitted dresses. ^_^ I also got some wonderful presents from my friend Lisa who was visiting from Japan! Halloween Hello Kitty Pez, beautiful Japanese cloths and some lovely rooibos tea, can’t wait to try it! Also a new type of Japanese fabric pen from Momolita that I can’t wait to try!

I bought home 3 of the 25 dresses I made for BCUK, and they are now available in my Etsy shop! Thanks again to everyone who visited my stall, I’m glad so many dresses went to good homes & I can buy some nice things for my baby room now. ^_^


I am now 30 weeks pregnant!! This week I’m back in my studio making baby things and getting ready for my next craft event, The Made-It Market in November. Can’t wait!

BlytheCon UK preparations!

Yay, it’s October! I love this time of year. ^_^ I am looking forward to the new series of Red Dwarf (starting tomorrow!), Halloween, and most of all BlytheCon UK! ♥ I’ve been stitching away for the past few weeks getting ready for my Dolly Mixture stall!

My studio/shed roof has turned red! This is where I’ve spent the past few weeks making dolly dresses. Here’s a sneaky peek at what I’ve been making…

6 London Underground dresses! 3 Central Line and 3 Northern Line versions. I’ve also made 2 in Middie Blythe size.

5 Circus Princess dresses, Autumn version. ^_^ These took forever to make!

I make Neko dresses for my BlytheCon stall in different colours each year! New Red & Black version for 2012. Only 2 of these available!

25 Blythe & Middie Blythe dresses are all packaged & ready to go! I had fun making the packaging this year too. ^_^ I’ve got lots of new designs I haven’t had a chance to photograph, so please stop by my stall and take a look! Just look for the table with the pregnant lady!

This photo was taken at 26 weeks, I’m 29 weeks pregnant now so my belly is a little bit rounder. ^_^

See you in Manchester! I can’t wait!