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Cambridge Golden Festival

Back in May I took part in the Cambridge Union Society Golden Festival. I had a stall at the Hanami Exhibition during the day along side lots of other wonderful artists and designers, and I showed my Look Street Spring/Summer 2012 Collection in the fashion show at the evening event too. It was a fun day and a fantastic charity event which raised over £1,100 for Aid For Japan. It’s taken me a while, but here are some of my photos from the event!

My Look Street dresses on display

Pretty origami crane decorations

The lovely Sweatdrop Studios ladies, Emma & Irina

Laura’s fabulous PinkAppleJam stall! It’s always fun doing craft shows together!

Yummy cakes for Aid for Japan. OK… as long as it’s for a good cause… ^_~

Lovely Lyuba & Hong from Strawberry Kimono dressed me in kimono! I got this gorgeous pink & black kimono at Brighton Japan Festival last summer, but I had no idea how to wear it and no obi belt until I met these ladies.

Their vintage kimono are gorgeous and really reasonably priced – if you’re lucky you might catch them at an anime con this summer!

After a quick noodle break it was time to start the Yozakura party fashion show! Here are some of my lovely models back stage. All the models were Cambridge University students.

The Lolita & Kimono part of the show. The outfits were *stunning*!

The Look Street section of the fashion show!

Everyone taking a bow at the end!

Backstage with my lovely Look Street models after the show.

How did you celebrate Golden week this year?


Tokyo July 2011 Day 11: Koenji Matsuri

Day 11 in Tokyo, Saturday 23rd July. We spent the day looking around Koenji’s second hand and vintage shops. I picked up some vintage fabric and Kokeshi dolls. ^_^

BAD-NICE Rockabilly Hair Dressers

I love this drink (not just because it matches my shoes)!

Aleister’s friend Max works at a primary school in Koenji and he invited us to his school’s summer Matsuri. The Matsuri is a festival based around the shrine at the school. There were stalls selling food & souvenirs, games, dancing and a procession.

Both adults and children were wearing traditional summer yukata.

Oishii ‘Banana Choco’!

Goldfish scooping is a traditional game at Japanese summer festivals. You catch as many fish as you can with a paper scoop, until the scoop breaks. I saw lots of happy children taking home a bag with a goldfish in!

Delicious spiral potato! Deep fried and covered in BBQ seasoning.

We followed a procession through the street. Local men were carrying a Mikoshi – a portable Shinto Shrine.

Cute kids at their school shrine

Playing on the stage

The local women did a traditional Matsuri dance

Having a beer with Anpanman!

Max is so great with the kids. ^_^

This was one of my favourite days that we spent in Tokyo. The kids were all so sweet! It was a fun experience which we wouldn’t have found in a guidebook.

We finished off the night with a few jars of Nihonshu in Koenji.

Good times! There are a few extra photos in my Flickr album. ^_^

Strawberry Fair

I had a fun day at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge on Saturday! Strawberry Fair is a free volunteer run festival. The Fair takes place every year in the first week of June  on Midsummer Common. It has been running for over 30 years and began in 1974 as a town alternative to the Cambridge University May Balls.

I’ve attended the fair every year of my life, with the exception of 2010 when the fair was cancelled. It was back this year, and although people feared that the new security measures would change the atmosphere, I think that once you got inside the fair was as good as ever.

I made a new dress for the occasion using Tokyo Textiles Skulls & Hearts fabric! ♡

The sun was shining! Shades definitely needed!

QP doll love!

My little niece AJ had her face painted. I have a photo somewhere of myself at the fair at the same age with a sunset painted on my face. ^_^

It was a fun start to the summer!