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Mud Kitchen!


I finally finished making Poppy’s Mud Kitchen! It was 95% recycled, thrifted and salvaged! I spent a few quid on the little whisk and colander. The cooker is made from an old cupboard turned on it’s side, with a magnetic closure added inside the door. The top part is an old draw found in a skip. The pots and pans were donated by a kind person on a local freecycle group. Hopefully P will have loads of fun with it this summer. 🙂



Long time no post!

It’s been a while since I last had a chance to update my blog, I hope to do so more often! I am still stitching away, making personalised items for my Etsy customers. I have recently added Birthday crowns to my shop, which can be made in your choice of colours and shapes. There is also the option of a crown with changeable Velcro numbers for each birthday!


Spring is in the air here in the UK and my personalised play tents are proving popular! Now available with windows! Great for indoor and outdoor play.


I hope to share more of the fun activities I get up to with my lovely daughter, we always have a project on the go! Some of our recent makes include this dinosaur terrarium in a Poundland cocktail bowl!


At the moment we are making her a mud kitchen to play with in the garden this spring and summer. More photos coming soon. 🙂


Summer Celebrations


I celebrated my birthday this month and I thought I would share some of the treasures I received, starting with this sweet Rilakkuma Re-Ment birthday cake from Tokyo. ❤


I was also given a Clover mini iron which I’ve been coveting for years! I can’t wait to try it. This beautiful pincushion was handmade for me by a friend. ❤


Adorable Miffy Kokeshi all the way from Tokyo. ❤

IMGP6259 IMGP6263Miffy is now living on my dresser along with my Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Dany. ^_^ Totally obsessed with GoT at the moment!


Delicious Umeshu plum wine from Tokyo. Very refreshing mixed with soda water & enjoyed with Matcha cookies. 


Cuuuuuuuute ❤


Poppy got some presents too, a cool Japanese alphabet jigsaw puzzle.


Dinky Japanese shoes!


I’m feeling lucky indeed. ❤

Jam Fancy

I am now the proud owner of an original print by Christina Gordon. ♥ I absolutely love it!

Christina also sent me some of her adorable fridge magnets, so my fridge is now covered in bunnies!

You can see Christina’s prints, magnets, cards, ceramics and amazing textile creations on her Jam Fancy website. You can also shop in her Etsy shop as soon as she gets back from her trip to Japan! ^_^

BlytheCon UK 2012 Manchester

I had a great time at BlytheCon UK in Manchester this weekend! It was a fantastic event, the organisers did an amazing job! It was great to see friends old & new. I always feel really inspired after BCUK each year! Thanks so much to everyone who visited my stall! It was cool to meet so many lovely people & see so many gorgeous dolls! I was very very tired after traveling all the way to Manchester (at 29 weeks pregnant!) and didn’t take that many photos this year so I’ve borrowed a few from my Flickr contacts along with a few photos I took myself. ^_^


My Dolly Mixture stall! Photo taken by the lovely Laura/Liquiriziadolly just before the doors opened. Massive thanks to my bf & helper Jutt who carried my suitcases, navigated & served a few customers for me too. ^_^


My Circus Princess dresses made especially for BCUK sold out!


One of the coolest Blythe dolls I saw at the con, this amazing anatomical model Blythe on the Dutch Blythe Fashion stall. I got to chat to the maker of the doll and he showed me some photos of the making process. She is really amazingly detailed! I love the skull in particular.


Gorgeous miniature Alexander McQueen dress made by the talented Leo Couture.

BCUK12 Manchester

Another of my favourite dolls at the Zebra Blythes stall. I didn’t take a photo of her, this one is borrowed from PinkyJane. ^_^

BCUK 2012

One of my Circus Princess dresses on it’s new owner – the pom poms matched the dolls hair perfectly!


Lounging Linda‘s gorgeous stall! We shared a table. ^_^


Leo’s wonderful Poupée mécanique stall



I love the wind up monkey toy!


Alexis Emerald ♥


It was really great to see Momolita again! ♥


Flamingodress by Momolita.

Momolita’s amazing stall, the flamingo & crow dresses were so gorgeous ♥


Loved the decorations in the venue – all the balloons matched the BCUK illustration. The free goodie bags were awesome too!


Yummy birthday cupcakes!


I had such a great day! Photo by Lounging Linda.


My BCUK loot! I was very restrained this year and managed to resist all the beautiful outfits & dolls on offer as I need to save money for baby things! My modest purchased were a very cute tape measure hair bow (for me!) from Millie Made and some tiny Japanese buttons and snaps (for future creations!) from Leonidas. I also did a trade with the lovely Liz/Woollyrockers for one of her awesome Blythe carry cases and two cute little knitted dresses. ^_^ I also got some wonderful presents from my friend Lisa who was visiting from Japan! Halloween Hello Kitty Pez, beautiful Japanese cloths and some lovely rooibos tea, can’t wait to try it! Also a new type of Japanese fabric pen from Momolita that I can’t wait to try!

I bought home 3 of the 25 dresses I made for BCUK, and they are now available in my Etsy shop! Thanks again to everyone who visited my stall, I’m glad so many dresses went to good homes & I can buy some nice things for my baby room now. ^_^


I am now 30 weeks pregnant!! This week I’m back in my studio making baby things and getting ready for my next craft event, The Made-It Market in November. Can’t wait!


I’ve been having fun lately working on some DIY & sewing projects for my nursery. ^_^

This is baby’s room so far. I went for fresh bright rainbow colours to brighten up the room, since we can’t paint the walls.

I got some pretty sample pots of Crown Vintage paint and revamped this old chest of drawers that I got from the Hope Street Yard years ago when moved in to my first flat. I had been planning to repaint them and change the handles but it was a project I never got ’round to until now.

Each handle has a different design. ❤

I raided my stash and made some rainbow coloured bunting to decorate the room. I’ve used all sorts of scraps up and included lots of fabrics donated to me last summer by my friend Paula. ^_^

Some vintage toys & books I’ve been hoarding for years have finally found a home too. ❤

Baby’s shoe collection so far! These were all gifts from friends & family. ❤

Cute changing bag from my friend Lou! Thank you! ❤

Baby has been given some beautiful clothes by her Granny too. My favourite so far is this absolutely gorgeous dress by Catimini. ❤ My next project will be making some baby sized dresses. ^_^

Sewing Studio & Summer Projects

I moved house this summer and my first project was setting up a little studio in the shed at the bottom of the garden. It’s a really cute little wooden shed with electricity and plenty of light. It was previously an artists studio so it made a perfect sewing studio after a fresh coat of paint!

I revamped an old dining chair (which we inherited 3rd hand with our very first flat a long time ago!) with a coat of white paint and some awesome fabric that I picked up in Japan last summer – I was saving it for something special.

This little thread organiser is a revamped wooden box formerly used to store nails & screws I think! I gave it a coat of F&B ‘Arsenic’ – such a great colour.

It’s really lovely to have a little creative space, I feel very lucky. We will see how the shed fares in the winter months but it’s survived torrential British Summer rain without leaking!

I’ve also finished my first sewing project for baby… a retro cot quilt! The pattern is from A Passion for Quilting by Nicki Trench. The quilt is backed with super soft fleece so it’s cozy and safe for baby. I used bright primary colours including some Michael Miller Rocket Rascals (one of my favourite fabrics!) and some cute robot fabric I got in Japan last summer. Lots of the fabrics in this quilt were gifts from friends so it was nice to raid my stash and get to use them.

I’ve also whipped up about 10 metres of rainbow coloured bunting for the baby room! I’m having fun planning it.

These are for my next DIY project! Can’t wait to get started!

My bump is growing! Photo taken on the beach at Hunsanten. One of the nicest days of the summer. ^_^